Hello!! Myself Samer Zeidan and I am based in Beirut, Lebanon.
My initial interest in collecting antiques and collectibles has fueled and extended out to the study the appreciation of European and Asian cultures that they came from. As I learn about the culture, I have grown to appreciate, collect, and sell other aspects of antiques and collectives in addition to the unique watches. The other large influence that has helped me greatly in the appreciation, authenticity and value antiques and collectibles is my watches business. In 1994 I started my business, in the watches as dealer and collector. This gave me the opportunity to hold in my hands and study a large range of authentic watches, antiques, and collectible from some of the best dealers and collectors all over the world. This was and still is an invaluable education that would be hard to find elsewhere.
I take pride in selling authentic watches, antiques, and collectibles. From my experience, I look for not only the historical importance of a piece, but also for the esthetic artistic quality that will make a piece stand on its own as a unique piece of art based on three basic qualities: beauty, form, and uniqueness. Beauty and form are things seen with the eye, a matter of personal taste. Power is an unseen force that is felt when in the presence of a piece that was empowered by the maker and the rituals it was used for. I enjoy both beautiful art, and art with great form, but uniqueness moves me the most.
Please visit our club gallery, and you can also contact me by phone or email if you are looking for a particular item. All purchases including those from my web site come with a guarantee of authentication, and satisfaction. It is important to me that the next owner of any watch, antique or collectible piece is as happy to live with it as I was.
We are currently in the process of expanding into new fields thus acquiring new customers and partners. We are confident that any collaboration with ‘Samer’s club’ will result in a long term relationship.

Got a question! We’d love to hear from you. Please send a note via this form. You can also reach me at samer@samersclub.com. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

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