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A Pair of Yellow Opaline Vases with an yellow Jewellery Box at the center

Both Vases and the Jewellery Box was made in the period of 19th Century.

The canary yellow color is very rare and their prices are going up within the time…
Vases height is 21cm.


Two Pairs of White opaline Flacon, with a White Opaline vase and an Opaline White Box

The Flacons, the Vase, and the Box are fully made of Emaille.

These beautiful decorative sculpture pieces are made in the period of Mid 19th century between 1820 – 1840


A Beautiful Opaline Vase overlay Pink & White with Silver Emaille

It’s made for the Eastern market like Turkey or Iran, the form is very nice in 2 pieces.
Height is 30 cm. Made in the period of 19th century (1830).


Bohemian Ruby red color vases

Bohemian Ruby red color vases from the period of 19 century, with white and gold emaille.