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Antique Japenese hand carved Ivory Netsuke

It’s a tiny piece smaller than a lighter!
Perfect carving on Top Grade Ivory Tusk. Master Carver really excels himself while carving this amazing Netsuke.
When we observing this High-quality Netsuke, we can notice that every detail was carved with a lot of attention.
This remarkable Netsuke was hand carved by Top Skilled Master Carver, you can see his signature on the back, while the two holes drilled at the bottom of the netsuke.

Japanese Ivory Netsuke of three wise monkeys | Made in 19th century

These three wise monkeys are embodying the proverbial principle “see no evilhear no evilspeak no evil“.


Vintage Japanese ivory Netsuke – Mother with her kids

It’s a Vintage product from the 19th Century.

Made from Elephant’s Mammoth.

It is very hard to find, get them while they are available.