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Bohemian Hanape from the Period of 19th Century in Three Colors

The lower is in Green, the middle part in White and the upper in Red. And what makes it more special is the Emaille Boat Scene on the front panel and the Rich Gold Emaille in the back panel.


Pair of Opaline Blue Flacon in Hoopoe shape hand painted in Silver Emaille | Made in the Period 1820 – 1840

A Unique Super RARE Antique Pair of 19th Century’s Opaline Hoopoe bird shaped Flacon.

We found the male a few years back, then the other one looks like a female we found it recently after long research.



Japanese Ivory of Samurai | Made in Meiji period, End of 19th century

Height of this antique product is 45cm, including the wooden base.

It’s a master piece of stunning artwork and collector item lover.


Master Silver Center Piece | Made in the Period of 19th century

Masterpiece: it’s a center piece in argent Massif – Artist Rodolf Brent from Vienna.


Pendule in Opaline Blue | Made in the Period 1820 – 1840

Pendule In Opaline Blue full of white emaille period Charles X.


Very elegant and rare pair of Blue Opaline Medici Vases | Made in the period of Charles X 1810 – 1820

This blown opal crystal is obtained by adding Cobalt Oxide.
The blown crystal is cut in the low part by “diamond tip”.
The vases are set in a gilded bronze frame with the finely chiseled decor.
Period: Early 19th century work. Charles X. Circa 1815-1820.