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An Ivory Tower has a sculpture at the base, infinity maze ball and another sculpture on the top

It’s an amazing handcrafted art, made in the 19th-century during Meiji period.


Ancient Religious Handcrafted Ivory Piece

The gothic style which describes the period over 400 years.

It’s a museum piece and an antique collector’s lover.


A European Ivory theme, Figurine out a hall family on a dining table

The sculpture has been done by amazing artwork from the 19 century. When you look at that piece, you will automatically imagine it like it’s real and they are sitting in front of you. It is so close to reality. Those ivory sculpture are standing on turtle shell ground, which makes them stand out in a contrast color.


European Ivory sculpture | Made in 19th Century

A young men using a Musical Instrument to attract the rates to the river.
As the story said: the king give awards to anyone who help the city get out of the huge numbers of rates appeared even at his castle!