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Bohemian Glass Hanape | Made in 19th Century

Bohemian Glass Hanape, with high quality of engraving of some palaces in Belgium.
Made in the Period of 19 century and the height is 40 cm.


Bohemian Hanape

Bohemian Hanape in special red ruby color engraved a hunting scene.


Bohemian Hanape from the Period of 19th Century in Three Colors

The lower is in Green, the middle part in White and the upper in Red. And what makes it more special is the Emaille Boat Scene on the front panel and the Rich Gold Emaille in the back panel.


Emerald Green Hanape

Emerald Green Hanape 19th century with silver emaille.


Hanape overlay in rose, white and crystal white

Hanape overlay in rose, white and crystal white. It’s a very special love full of emaille period 19 century.